a bit of organizing

I enjoy a good well-organized space just like the next person.  I try to keep things in order, in their place without piling things up.  A well-organized space brings with it peace.  I walk away from it feeling somewhat lighter.  Since being a new homeowner, I also make it a point to continue to improve little spaces whenever I can.  However, I get stumped quite often; a bit of a brain fart if you will and am always looking for ideas.  I enjoy websites like “I Heart Organizing” (I was first introduced to it through my cousins blog) and walk away thinking how in the world do they create such beautiful, creative, well-organized spaces!  Mine have something yet to be desired, lacking a bit of flair and color.

Nonetheless, I thought I’d share my impromptu organizing of the storage space under the sink in our half bathroom.

This under the sink space was originally elected to hold the cat stuff: food, treats, combs/brush, nail trimmers, etc as well as a few bathroom supplies: refill for the hand soap and extra candles.  When Lola joined the family, more food/stuff was added.  With Lola’s newest bag of food, it you don’t arrange things right, you can’t even close the door all the way.  Definitely time for some organization!

After putting little V on her school bus Friday, I decided to take a walk to Stop-n-Shop just around the corner.  I was strolling through the aisles when I came upon these:

The wheels, they began to turn!  After looking at a few different kinds, I settled on these.  I’m sure you can guess what they are for.  Once home, a bit of cleaning out, rearranging and moving food from one place to another and we are left with this:

So now we have our dog and cat food (with the extra dog food tucked behind), some extra candles and a box I never could throw away cause I thought it was too cute filled with the extra cat supplies.  Nothing crazy or extra special but now when I open the door, my eyes behold some simple organization that hopefully makes life just a little bit easier.  Plus, it beats having pet food bags taking up all your space!

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