Marathons & More

the husband, Poncho and I headed down to Seward for the Alaskaman

Somewhere along the way, the idea of the huzband running 50 marathons by the time he turned 50 years old emerged.  [You can read more about that conversation here.]  It was thought to be unrealistic until recently.  [I’m telling you, go read what I told you to read and you will be all caught up.]  It was also discovered recently that these 50 marathons would actually hold more than just marathons but several ultra distances as well [ultra is anything over the 26.2 miles of a marathon.]  Needless to say, before we get too old and can’t remember what the first several marathons towards this 50 are, let’s start a running list.

Who knows, at the moment, he has nine years to run 41 marathons or more.  [Thanks to Comrades, he will be running 9 before he turns 42.]

  1. New York City Marathon, 2010
  2. New York City Marathon, 2011         [read about it]
  3. Rwanda Marathon, 2012          [read about it]
  4. Dallas Marathon, 2012         [read about it]          * he ran this one with me *
  5. Ironman Lake Placid, 2013          [read about it]
  6. Lonely Man Marathon, 2015
  7. Chicago Marathon, 2016
  8. Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon, 2018          [read about it]
  9. Fairbanks Marathon, 2018
the huzband during the Chicago Marathon

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