What do I have to say about rice?  Just that we have been eating a whole lot of it around here recently.  In an effort to cut back on our grocery bill and try to stick within budget, I devised a plan one evening while making dinner.  Yes, we were having rice that night and the thought crossed my mind of how economical rice was.  I have friends who have a huge bag of rice in their kitchen that probably feeds them for months on end.  Well, I can do that too.  Sounds boring, eating rice every night.  However, I am constantly working/looking for different ways to serve it.

rice: also known as arroz, reis, riz, rijst, riso

We are almost at the end of our second week on our Rice Budget.  I plan each weeks menu and try to throw in one or two nights of something else to give us a break, like Split Pea Soup or something else cheap.  So far, we are surviving.  We laugh when the huzband asks what’s for dinner because we both know what it will be: rice.  I bought my first 10 pound bag for this experiment; I had always bought the smallest bag of rice previously.  I somehow felt like I had matured purchasing a larger bag of rice.  (And yet, the bags just get bigger.)  Here are a few things already gained from this:

– making dinner is easier: I make enough rice for a few days, then reheat it up and serve with ______ .

I love my Split Pea Soup

What, making dinner easy is a big deal!  Is there really anything else that could be gained?  Right, the whole money-saving idea.  Well, I do have to say the first week I only went $3 over my grocery budget.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was that close to my budget and I didn’t even use any coupons.  (Couponing is a whole other endeavor waiting for me.)  The second week (this week), while grocery shopping for 4, I was $29 UNDER BUDGET.  What!!  That’s unheard of!!  I know every week won’t be like this but it’s a great starting point.

rice served with some sliced avocado, tomato and fresh mozzarella

I don’t know for how long we will be eating rice for.  Probably till we can’t stand the sight of it anymore or till we finish the 10 pound bag of rice sitting on my counter.  Either way, the whole family is enjoying it.  I am excited for Saturday night’s dinner: Southwestern Stuffed Peppers!  What makes it even better?  It’s made in the crock pot; put the food in, come back 5 hours later and you’ve got dinner.  I get all excited over my crock pot!  If you think that’s weird, I dare you to go get yourself a crock pot!

5 thoughts on “rice

  1. You are doing great! When you find a good recipe, you’ll have to post it here. Like your split pea soup for instance. Or those stuffed peppers sound good too. 🙂

    1. Thanks! The split pea soup is actually on the back of the bag of beans. Have I already told you this? I’m feeling a bit of deja vu!

  2. Awesome. We eat pretty cheap here too. I mix up my cheap grains between rice, pasta and couscous. My husband hasn’t even noticed and our weekly food bill for three is about $70, including snacks. I have never braved the 10 lb rice bag….I think I am inspired.

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