a bride, a groom and a flower girl

I recently just finished going through my pictures from my friend Vanessa’s bridal shower from last November.  Yes, long long overdue.  Vanessa is getting married this March (hooray) and her shower was the same weekend as the huzband’s New York City Marathon.  It was one crazy, fun-filled weekend.  Nonetheless, here we are a few months later and I finally sat down to go through the pictures.  I figured I might want to show them to her before she actually gets married!

I am so very excited for Andrew and Vanessa’s future.  I know God has so much in store for them and I am excited to be a witness to their journey.  Vanessa has become a wonderful friend who has shown me what true honesty, love, faith and encouragement looks like!  I am so thankful and honored to be a part of your life Vanessa!  You have grown into such a beautiful young woman who has a heart after God!  So let’s continue to celebrate this season in your life as you prepare to become Andrew’s wife!  (He is one lucky guy!)  =)

the flower girl taking pictures of everyone with our friend Ellen’s camera

it’s not at every shower you get to play “Who knows the bride best: the twin or the fiance”

the groom and the flower girl …. with squash?

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