Anyone who does anything to help a child in their life is a hero to me. – Mr. Rogers

Diana from Kenya
Diana from Kenya

I ran the Dallas Marathon on December 9th of 2012.  It was my very first and only marathon.  It was so horribly painful and absolutely wonderful at the same time.  You can read my recap of it here.  Part of the reason it was so wonderful was due to the reason why I ran: for children in need.  I ran with Team World Vision where my goal was to get one child sponsored for every mile of the marathon.  26.2 miles for 26 children in need of hope.  

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that is dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice.  By working alongside families, World Vision helps to empower communities to become self-sustaining.

Team World Vision is a program of World Vision that enables YOU to help fight global poverty.  TWV is about changing lives, the lives of children and the lives of our team members.  When you join TWV, you are commiting to run a race.  As you train for your race, you ask others to support you by making a donation on your behalf.  In doing so, you help communities in need by enabling World Vision to provide access to things like clean water.

As a mother, helping children in need is so very close to my heart.  Also as a mother, I plan on being around for my children, both near and far, for a very long time.  I am doing that by taking care of my self, by running.  I am a big fan of what World Vision does, but more than that, I want YOU to have the chance of experiencing something amazing.  I guarentee when you cross that finish line, amazing just might not due justice to the journey you completed!

So why don’t you take a chance, a risk and in doing so, bring hope, life and a future to a child in need?!

Together, we can change the world ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

The Huzband visiting our Delphine and her family in Rwanda

Jesus said,

‘Let the little children come to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’