school field trip

Thursday I posted on my Facebook that I was going on my very first school field trip as a parent. To be precise, these were my actual words:  My first time chaperoning little V and all her classmates as we go see “Shoemaker and the Magical Elves” at York College. A mix of excitement to go and nervousness at the thought of hanging out with A LOT of four year olds.

20111216-232342.jpgtaking a taxi to school * all photos from the iPhone

What a day! There is something so enlightening in seeing the inner workings of your child’s school! To see her interact with her classmates and her teachers. To see what was once new surroundings become a comfort to her.

20111216-232408.jpgthe a.m. kids were having breakfast while the p.m. kids sat on stage waiting. V is a p.m. kid.

20111216-232427.jpghanging out waiting to leave

I so enjoyed almost every minute of it.  I do have to say that the extremely bumpy bus ride was not the highlight of the day.  I think I started to get a bit car sick.  Just another reminder this ol’ gal is moving on up!

20111216-232445.jpgriding the bus and waving to school mates

20111216-232524.jpgwe have arrived and the play is about to start

Something that I have been enjoying watching in my little V is her growing understanding of jokes.  There is something beautiful about hearing her laugh at something she found funny.  I wasn’t tickling her, daddy wasn’t dancing around; it was a laugh coming from her mind understanding and finding something humorous.  I love to hear her laugh.  I love to see her laugh.

20111216-232539.jpgleaving York College along with a whole lot of other kids

As I said earlier, I enjoyed getting an insight to the inner workings of V’s school.  My aunt commented on my Facebook status I wrote above saying how she found class field trips very eye opening.  I would have to agree with her.  The most eye opening part of this trip was the process of leaving once the play was over.  There were schools from all different boroughs as well as Long Island. All these schools with children funneling out of one door onto one sidewalk towards one street that had all the same yellow school buses lined up to take us back to our school.  How someone doesn’t lose a child is beyond me!!  Four year old’s are not the quickest walkers of the bunch and my chaperoning was put to work to keep our class all together!  Just this moment here would spur me on to continue going on field trips.  You know this will enter my mind the next time a permission slip is sent home.  I have to give it to V’s teacher though (Ms. Gedeon in the green coat), she is one no non-sense teacher and I like her a whole lot!

back at school for lunch

Once back at school, we all sat down and had lunch together.  Though the trip to the play was fun, the following two hours were my favorite part of the day.  The field trip hadn’t taken as long as planned and so after lunch there was some time to kill.  Because both a.m. and p.m. students were there, they didn’t resume the regular school schedule.  So instead what followed was keeping a whole lot of four year old’s busy.  We sang song upon song upon song.  Every class got to practice their Christmas song for next week’s Christmas special.  I even had a bunch of four year old’s teach me a new game: Bubblegum.

we had one good game of Bubblegum going

I never thought I would say that two hours with a bunch of four year olds would be fun!!  But I loved it.  I loved getting to know all their names, I loved seeing the proud look in V’s eyes knowing her momma was at school with her, I loved seeing these little girls start coming out of their shell as we played games, chatted and laughed.  It truly was the highlight of my day.  I went home satisfied knowing a bit more about my daughter’s school life and friends.  I was overcome by how much V is growing up.  Here she is with a group of girl friends, chatting at lunch and having little big girl conversations.  When did she grow up so much?!

I also am thankful Ms. Gedeon allowed me to tag along all day (I was the only parent from either of Ms. Gedeon’s classes).  This day was such a blessing to me.  All these little classmates of V have made a home in my heart.  I also hope that I have become a bit of a familiar face to them so when I come back to school or wave to them on the school bus, that they know there is a mom that cares about them too.

I look at their little faces, so sweet, full of love and devotion and truly wonder what kind of home environment they come from.  I hope for the best, one full of love and encouragement for them.  Though I know for some of them, that is not the case.  However, all I can do is make the most of the little moments I am blessed to be with them.  I know God has called us to this community.  I do not know where my place is in it, however all I can do is be obedient, show up and love.  I do not know what the impact of a smile, encouraging word or a listening ear will do.  I do not know if when I love on my daughter, what little eyes will be watching.  All I know is that it is important to show up.

taking some pictures (really lots) with V & her classmates

this is what happens when you pull out a camera, everyone wants to be in the picture

What a great day!

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