one week

I decided instead of waiting to post our family Christmas picture on Christmas Day, that I would go ahead and post it tonight, exactly one week away from Christmas!  I wanted to wish all of you, my friends, my readers a very Merry week leading up to Christmas!  I don’t know what this week holds for you but I am sure there is plenty to do.  Just today alone several people talked to me about how much Christmas shopping they still have to do.  You may still have a few presents to buy, some traveling in store, decorating to finish, presents to wrap or food to prepare.

Today I was reminded of something important.  We were singing the age-old song “Joy to the World”.  A song I have sung many a Christmas’s.  As we sang today, there was a line that seemed to just hit me anew.

Let every heart, prepare Him room!

These simple six words reminded me to prepare my heart, to make sure that there is room for what is truly important, to not forget who makes their home in my heart!  I’ve been thinking on this today, knowing what a busy week that could be ahead.

As you go about your week, go with a heart that has made room for the faith, hope and love of this season.  Remember each day this week the love in your life.  Don’t get caught up or side tracked with what really is not important; so much of Christmas is way off track.  I truly want you to have a week full of joy and moments spent with loved ones.  Take the time to prepare your heart each day, not just to enjoy but to give.  You don’t know who you may encounter the next six days that might need you to give them a hug or a smile, what joy you might bring to someone by giving up your parking spot or taking the time to really thank someone.  Remember your friend who might be celebrating their first Christmas without a loved one or who can’t afford gifts for their kids.  How much more amazing will this Christmas be for us if we fill our week full of faith, hope and love poured out on others than a week filled with check marks and rushed errands.  Remember, love is not about what you feel but what you give!  One week from today, we will be celebrating the Love that was born.

So have a very merry week leading up to Christmas!  Let our hearts have room for _________ . You fill in the blank.

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