getting ready for Christmas

This is our first Christmas in la Casa Nueva, our new home.  It is an exciting time, full of new memories for my little family.  The past few years we did not get a Christmas tree (much less decorate) due to the very little space we had living above the church.  This year however is so very different in so many good ways.  This year we joined the ranks of those crazy people who went out the day after Thanksgiving and purchased their Christmas tree.  Yup, we were the ones driving down the street with a tree on top of the car in 60 degree weather.

We drove a total of .4 of a mile to Home Depot.  Do you ever find that when you need something, like one of those only at Christmas time tree places, you can’t think of a single one that you have driven by every day?!  Needless to say, we went for a sure thing.  Also needless to say, I took more than enough pictures to document our first Christmas in our new home!

selecting our tree, this indeed is The Tree

V digging for an ornament

All of this decorating fun seems even more joyous as little V is joining in on it all.  She woke up on the 25th asking if it was time to get the tree.  Throughout the whole day, she wanted to have a hand in every part of every job.  I am thankful for my little helper and all the memories we are making together.  I am thankful she is enjoying this as much as her momma and daddy are enjoying her!

now that is one serious look, I think I tried to chip in and help with the lights, I obviously was not allowed to touch them

the first ornament

time for some outside lights

no Christmas tree is complete without a cat camped out below!

the lights V and the huzband put up

my favorite window of the whole house

2 thoughts on “getting ready for Christmas

  1. I love the pictures, especially the one with Juan’s stocking in focus and the tree blurred a bit in the background. Next time you are in OKC I’d love for you to take photos of Grant and I. I’m like you, all pictures of everyone else and not us. Mom’s are always the ones behind the camera. 🙂 Ash

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