The past few days V and I have been in Oklahoma.  It was a short, last-minute trip to spend some time with Emily (sis-in-law) and family.  Emily’s beautiful mom passed away last week and we wanted to be with her and the family just loving them, supporting them and remembering such an incredibly special mom.

Though the circumstances are not ideal, it always blesses my soul to be among this family of 5.  I so dearly love my brother and his wife.  They truly are remarkably genuine people.  The plus side is getting to hang out with their most amazing little kids.  Here is a glimpse from the past few days.

some fresh-baked cookies before bed with cousin Leah

so fresh and so clean

bedtime reading with Doodad and Papa

little Lucas = CUTEST kid EVER

two little Mulan’s

ninja moves

plane ride home

I didn’t pull my camera out much, however when I did I somehow only caught pictures of Leah and Lucas and completely missed Hannah.  She is such a sweet and joyful part of this family and was such a great big cousin to V.  So I went into my library and found a few pictures of Hannah.

Hannah at her Christmas recital. December 2008

Hannah and I in the city.  March 2010.

V loved being with her cousins morning, noon and night.  I know she misses the companionship already, as do I.  I relish every moment I got to spend with Emily and Mike.  I love my brothers dearly and think so highly of them but I have always thought how lucky our family was to be blessed with the women they married!  I have gained two true sisters and when they hurt, I hurt.  I already wish I could hug Emily and am wondering when I will get to be in the company of this loving, smart, compassionate woman again.  It’s the coming home that makes me long to be closer to her, to all of them.

Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart – 

oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape – of your sister.

~ Katherine Mansfield

3 thoughts on “oklahoma

  1. Oh Rachel, this made me cry. I have always wanted sisters and couldn’t have picked two better ones than you and Tracy. I am so very thankful for you and admire you so much. You are an awesome mom to your precious Little V. And Juan’s pretty cool too. 🙂 I can’t wait to hug you again soon. Oh and I LOVE the photos!!!

    1. ha ha ha. oops! =) If anybody read this, they’d think I was an interesting person having a conversation with myself!

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