Today was a special day for my little V.  Our friend Marguerite came over for a momentous afternoon of gardening.

I had the notion a few weeks back to ask Marguerite, who is a world-renowned gardener {in my book}, to help V plant some flowers.  V has been enjoying her new back yard and has been doing a lot of digging and “planting” so the idea of doing some actual planting sounded like fun.  I do not have a green thumb and sought out the best source there is: Marguerite.  The weather has not been on our side with all the rain but today we were blessed with a beautiful day!  May the first home gardening project begin!  Marguerite came over in the afternoon and the three of us girls headed of to Home Depot.

side note: earlier in the day was spent at Lowe’s buying the tile for our basement floor.  (yah)  who am I becoming spending my whole Saturday at home improvement stores!!!

I am extremely proud of my little gardener.  She took right to it from the picking out of flowers (she picked each and every one) to the digging in dirt to the watering.  She even started seeing the plants grow right then and there.  That miracle grow really is a miracle!!

I am also extremely thankful to Marguerite for being the source of such a pleasant afternoon!  I could not have done this without her and it would not have been nearly as enjoyable either!  (I am pretty sure I would have given up by the end of the first pot, they planted four pots, or would have killed each plant before they were fully planted!)

Oh, and of course, there are way more pictures than there really needs to be.  Hey, she’s cute, irresistable and I’m her mom.  There’s no stopping me!

* iPhone *

deciding which are not too big and not dirty (V’s words) * iPhone *

the girls picking out their flowers * iPhone *

she’s a natural

Marguerite gave V her own little gardening kit

pot #2

Marguerite had her choose each flower for each pot.  She loved every minute of her big girl decisions!

I love these little feet

pot #3

I was allowed to hold the flowers, once

pot #4

we are still perfecting the actual watering of the flowers, though she will get plenty of practice starting tomorrow morning

V and her garden

I love both of these girls!

Indeed, it was a lovely day!

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