the basement

We have begun work on our basement.  Actually, we began working on it about 2 weeks ago.  It has gone fast, so fast that we are already at the stage of picking out tile for the floor.  I have been taking step by step photos and will share them with you, but not tonight!  Tonight, I want to show you the different tile J and I are looking at.  It has been fun to make decisions for our home but also a big responsibility.  We are picking something that will stay with us for a very long time.  It’s not like changing a paint color or rug.  I am indebted to both Home Depot and Lowe’s for supplying us with decent looking stuff that is within our budget.  (One of my favorite tile is laid on my mom’s kitchen floor; it’s twice as much as our budget.  C’est la vie!)

Let’s take a look.  (note: the pictures are a bit dark but pretty close to the accurate color of the tile)

tile A

tile B (J gave it a good clean afterwards, it was needed)

tile C

tile D

tile E

tile F

We have already begun eliminating some of the tile; really eliminating, bringing back, eliminating again, etc.  We both lean towards a darker, natural, earthy tile I think because it shows less imperfections.  Since it is going in the basement, there is a limited floor to ceiling space so we will not be leveling the floor before putting the tile down.  Just one of those things.  So here’s a look at all the tile one last time.

( from left to right) top row: A, B, C  bottom row: D, E, F

So, what do you think?  Is there one that catches your eye or one you think would do well in a basement?  Feel free to weigh in as tile work will begin Saturday!  As far as the step by step pictures of the basement, they will have to wait till the weekend.

Tomorrow, V and I (after work) are heading on a jet plane to Oklahoma City!!  Back to the homeland.  We’re going to spend the next few days with my most awesome brother Mike, his most awesome wife Emily, their most awesome twin girls Leah and Hannah and their most awesome of awesomeness little boy Lucas!  I can’t wait to get a hold of him!

4 thoughts on “the basement

  1. What color are the walls? To have a better picture of the basement color flooring! I have to say A D F – look for flooring that doesnt say look at at the dirt on my floor!! I didnt think of that when we did our kitchen… now I wish I didnt … especially around the 4th time cleaning it in the same day!!!

    That’s my vote!!!

    love ya

    1. I thought of that too. I wouldn’t want to always think I have dirt on the floor. I am not sure what color the walls will be but we will probably stick with white (or something light and bright) to keep the basement bright.

  2. Tile C, D, and F I like. I have tile A on my bathroom floor upstairs and I am not too happy with it. Here are a few things to remember as I have tiled my old kitchen and my bathroom now all trying to achieve Mom’s kitchen tile look. Her kitchen tile has rough uneven edges. That is what gives it that old world look. The sides of the tile are not straight. Second, she used a dark grout which is so important because the grout will get old and dark in patches over time otherwise. Lastly, leveling the floor should be reconsidered as tile will crack and break when walked on an uneven floor. It costs more to lay tile diamond ways (which looks nicer) so keep that in mind too. Lastly, my fav. thing is to do your basement floor like Mike and Em’s house. Stain the concrete. I think that looks super cool and would give you more head room as well.

    1. Mom pointed that out to me the last time I was at her house, about the edges being rough and uneven. An absolute about the dark grout!! I really do like Mike & Em’s floor a lot too!!! Thanks for the input!

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