yah, that happened

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin in the blogging world. There are long over due pregnancy related blogs I wanted to post, half written puppy tales, a seven-year old’s birthday, book club reads, fun Alaskan adventures to share and personal expectations, excitements and fears about this upcoming baby.” Oh wait, I wrote that pre-baby so I can now add labor, birth and life with our new daughter Rose. Where has all the time gone?!

Oh I know, I was swallowed up by a puppy vortex and once I began to climb out, the last thing on my mind was blogging. As much as I enjoy it, I was either playing catch up on an over whelming amount of things (or people), starting to prep/nest for this baby whose birth was quickly approaching or just preferred a vegetative state. Then lo and behold, a baby came and I am now living in the vortex of all things newborn baby related!

So here I am, just a week shy of four months since my last blog. All I can say is, “oh, yah that happened.” Where I’ll go from here I don’t know, however as I continuously clean out the pictures on my phone to make room for the plethora of baby pictures that are accruing, I leave you with a few (okay quite a few) of my favorites snapshots over the past four months.  (all pictures from my iPhone)

20141223-053755.jpgAlaska State Fair

Technically, the state fair came at the end of August but I couldn’t help but include it.  V and I got to go twice, once with her class and once with the huzband.  I always enjoy a good fair, the food, the rides, the snakes and alligators….


20141223-053935.jpgmy friend Renee’s birthday hike in Hatcher’s this September

I was fortunate enough to get quite a few great hikes in this summer.  Alaska is a beautiful place with amazing mountains, throw in some great company like these girls pictured above, and you’ve got a glorious day.  Once I had run my half marathon, hiking became my new form of staying in shape during pregnancy, at least until the puppies came and then it all went down hill from there!

20141223-053958.jpg29 weeks pregnant


20141223-054016.jpgV and her friends in Denali National Park

20141223-054023.jpghaving fun at 25 weeks pregnant

20141223-054032.jpgwelcome to the world of puppies


Once a year, Church on the Rock hosts their Global Missions Conference inviting missionaries from around the world to come share about what God is doing in His kingdom here on earth.  It is an exciting time for this community as it is filled with people who have hearts for missions.  You can check out the Instagram hashtag to see some highlights from the conference.

20141223-054049.jpgV had a sleepover for her 7th birthday; the girls got to film each other for a little bit

20141223-054102.jpgV dressed up as one of Lola’s puppies for her Halloween class party: Pirate (all white with a patch over the eye)

20141223-054119.jpgV helping the huzband

20141223-054135.jpgtaking all the pups to the vet was quite the trip

20141223-054159.jpghanging out with Laila before she left for her new home

20141223-054206.jpgV lost another tooth

20141223-054222.jpgenjoying a giant rice crispy treat at the COTR Woman’s Retreat (39 weeks pregnant by the way)

20141223-054229.jpgthe best way to end the year, welcoming our new little girl

20141227-222130.jpgDoodad and Rose hanging out

One thought on “yah, that happened

  1. Wow a lot has happened in a year or even just a few months. Privileged to be apart of some of it. Wish I had some of these pictures for the album. So many great memories.

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