a picture of 19 weeks

I have an app on my phone that tracts my pregnancy entitled “I’m Expecting”.  According to week 19, this little bun in the oven is the size of a mango. (I sure do love mango!!)  A few fun and exciting things happened during the 19th week to make it memorable.  My parents, and their boxer Gus, arrived from Jersey for a three-week visit to the last frontier.  What a great way to start off July than with loved ones!  (all pictures taken with an iPhone by myself or the huzband)

20140905-135621.jpgLittle V and her Gram exploring by the Little Susitna River 

We also celebrated our nations independence during the 19th week.  Our church participated in our local towns July 4th parade, so little v and I walked with the children’s ministry passing out candy.  It was a gloriously fun and sunny day full of parades, Colombia playing in the World Cup, BBQ with friends and swimming in the lake.

20140904-225547.jpgLittle V and her friend Alyssa all ready to walk in Wasilla’s July 4th parade

20140904-225555.jpgmore than enough fun swimming in the lake

As much fun as all that was, the most memorable part of the week was the day we got to see our little bun in the oven!!  At 19 weeks we had our first sonogram.  Hooray!


Just to see the heart beating, the little hands and feet, the spine and head, really all that is developing, it is truly an amazing gift.  Getting to share this moment with not just the huzband, but also my parents and especially my little V, is the icing on the already decadently, delicious cake.  The sonogram technician even had little V come over and perform part of the sonogram herself, so she got to move the little handle around, find her little brother or sister and really be a part of it all!

20140905-135632.jpgNormally I wouldn’t post a pic of my double chin & belly hanging out, however I sacrificed my vanity for the beauty of what is happening in this moment.

I am thankful for this time, this family of three time that will be coming to an end, the expectation of life as a family of four, the wonder of who this little one will be and how we will fit and mold as a family.  I am grateful, expectant, sometimes fearful (I battled some unfounded fear during the first few months of pregnancy in relation to the health of our baby), excited and occasionally thinking “oh goodness, we are doing it all over again”.

In the end, I wouldn’t trade being here in this moment for any other moment.

20140904-163654.jpgour first 3D picture of our #alaskanbabymartinez (this wasn’t an option when pregnant with V)







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