six months

Yesterday, (Tuesday, November 5th) marked six months that my little family has been living in Alaska. Though things still sometimes feel new here, getting to know people, exploring more of this beautiful land, getting our bearings, having many Alaskan firsts and finding our place, it seems as though it was so long ago that we left our little home in New York. So much has happened in these six months; they have been full of change and growth, requiring (and reminding) us to walk out our faith yet also showing us where we need and must grow.


The journey to come here began long before we sold all our stuff, piled in a car and drove across the country. I am thankful for this journey and in a season that is reminding us to have grateful hearts, I am especially thankful for where God has brought us to today. The journey is far from over, in some ways it is only just beginning, but no matter where I fall upon the timeline, I want to have a heart that is grateful for the bumpy potholes as well as the freshly poured concrete.

My heart overflows with gratitude to be standing right where I am; I wouldn’t want to be any other place, for not only am I thankful to be surrounded by these beautiful mountains but it is here that I know I am in the midst of His will and His presence.

I am thankful.

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