a family date

20131104-150602.jpglet’s roll


20131104-150554.jpgthe “Alaskan” way to get coffee … okay, just “my” way!







I am thankful for Saturdays that are devoted solely to the three of us (or any day really).  A day where there are no plans, no to do lists, no agenda’s and no places to be.  A day where we can just wake up and decide, on a whim, what we would like to do.  (It helps when friends loan you their fun toys and you live in a beautiful state that has numerous, beautiful places to explore or just side roads made for ATV’s.)  I am thankful for these moments together: the memories we make, the joy we abide in and the love we share.  I am thankful for family date’s, whether they are purposeful or last-minute, they are good for the soul.

And I suppose the dog is included in all that too!


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