picture day

Little V recently had her very first school picture day.  At first I wasn’t going to succumb to the age-old pressure of buying school picture prints.  I figured I could just take the picture myself, print some off and share with the family.  However, the day before picture day, little V came home and told me that she needed to bring money to school tomorrow for pictures.  Smart teachers, smart school.  How do you say no to such a sweet little request.  So I crumbled and forked over the cash.

I am happy to say though that I am very glad I did.  There is just something so sweet about her little picture.  It has the official school picture look to document her year in pre-kindergarden.  There will be no question when looking back how old she was (plus it has the year on the picture; something they didn’t do when I was in school).

seriously, could she get any cuter!

So here are a few things about little V and her first year of school in pre-k!

– She has a few special friends at school that she talks about often, particularly Serenity and Brian.

– According to her teachers, Brian is one of V’s closest friends: they sit together often, he waits for her whenever she’s behind; I think there might be trouble brewing!

– V is a collector.  She has a tendency to find things and treat them as treasures.  Many a times she comes off the bus with a new item, having picked it up off the bus floor.  Oh my!

– V is quick to correct the huzband or myself with what her teachers have taught her.  It’s what her teachers say, not us.  I don’t take offense, it’s sweet that she holds them in high admiration.

– She is a girly girl who loves pink and purple, dresses, flowers and fairies.  She also has a boisterous side to her: she loves to run (I emphasize LOVE), be outside, is a fish when it comes to water and loves to roll around with her puppy.

– She has really taking a liking to school, her friends, her teachers.  She talks about them often and is excited to go back to school after a break.  The icing on her cake is getting to ride the bus to and from school.

I am enjoying this new stage in life: the school stage.  I know we have plenty of years to go.  I want to make a point to enjoy each year, seeing it through little V’s eyes.  I want to help make each year a great one, getting to know her teachers, her friends and classmates, the security guards, principle and anyone else who takes part in her education.

I can’t believe we are almost to the end.  Up here one the east coast, school goes to June.  It feels like just a few weeks ago we were starting pre-k; now here we are coming up on the end of it.  Though I am enjoying this along with V, a part of me is sad to see her so growing up already!  I know she won’t stay this way, but she will forever be my little V!

4 thoughts on “picture day

  1. I loved hearing about my niece Velda’s first year of pre-k. She looks lovely in this picture and very happy:)

  2. Great picture! She’s grown so much. I love her little dress and her hair is perfect. I always had messy hair and dumb outfits. And, Grant brings home treasures as well. Yesterday I got half of a hair tie. The kind with the two giant balls on them, rememeber those?

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