seven years

one of our fav photos in the yellow jeep; this was taken by a friend that saw us getting gas after our wedding

Seven years ago today the huzband and I got married!  How quickly seven years have gone and how much life can change.  To celebrate our love, once V was in school, the two of us went out to lunch at a local Italian restaurant called Bacci’s.  (oh so delicious!) We took our time, enjoying each other and reminiscing over the past seven years.  We talked about some of the bigger life events that have happened over the course of the years, we rambled about where we are in life now and what we hope for in the near future.

One of my most favorite things to do on this earth is to spend time with the huzband and the best way to celebrate our marriage, our love, is to take a few hours in the middle of the day, where it is just the two of us and just be.  I am so thankful for the huzband, beyond words.  I have always felt and believed that he is my gift from God.  I believe it even more today than ever!

I look forward to the day that we are sitting down and going over the past forty years.  I look forward to the day that I can’t give the highlights of our marriage in one blog post because there are just too many years!  However, I also savor each year we are living now because each one is more wonderful than the last.  Don’t get me wrong, we have our days, our fights; however, marriage is a journey and an adventure and it is one of the best I have ever been on!

2005 : If you ask the two of us what we remember you will hear two different stories.  I remember arguing, where as the huzband remembers all good things.  It probably fell somewhere right in the middle as we had a lot of fun enjoying the newlywed life.  Our first year also began with taking on the leadership of a local church.

there was a lot of snowboarding days in the pre-child days

2006 (one year) : Nothing really comes to mind when I think upon our year.  We were still in the newlywed phase of things.  However, I can look back and really see God pushing and challenging us as we continued to grow in different aspects of our life.

you are never too young to ride in a jeep with the top down!

2007 (two years) : One of the most wonderful things happened to the huzband and I this year.  We found out there was a little baby growing in my belly.  Nine months later we got to meet her in person and how life has never been the same since!

the little dress V is wearing was made by my Grandmother’s sister; I wore it when I was a little babe as well

2008 (three years) : One word, Parenthood.  That really sums up much of our new life.  Part of our time was also filled with anxiousness and anticipation as we prepared to visit the huzband’s family in Colombia for the first time since the huzband had left, some 14 years earlier.

we love our summer fairs

2009 (four years) :  Still thinking about this year.  I’ll have to get back to you on this one.

2010 (five years) : This year was full of a lot of prayer and change.  To sum it up very shortly, we closed the church we had been pastoring the past five years, I was a part of something amazing called the Women’s Prayer Summit and the huzband began working for Team World Vision.

2011 (six years) : We started the year off with a bang, we bought our first home.  Then we ended off the year with another bang, we brought home the next addition to the family, our boxer puppy Lola.

2012 (seven years) : The best I can give you right now is that I love the huzband more today than ever!  I am so very thankful for him and all the love, joy, encouragement, inspiration, silliness, laughter and craziness he brings into our life!

5 thoughts on “seven years

  1. I love taking a look back at what God has done in your lives over the last seven years. What an adventure! Looking forward to what the next seven + years holds for Team Martinez!! 🙂 Love you!

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