the Funky five

Meet the Funk’s.  An extraordinary family full of joy, life and genuineness.  Carolina, the mom, asked if I would take some family pictures before their eldest went off to the marines.  So we headed off to TOBAY beach (my first time there) to capture this family’s moment before new change entered their lives.  It was my privilege to spend time with this family and capture your endearing spirit.

Here is Cecilia, the youngest.; a sweet, young lady full of so much talent.  A while back her and I got to spend some time together to take some pictures.   I think she is pretty amazing and am partial to the youngest being the youngest of three myself!

The tennis star, Olivia.  She just finished ball girling it up at the 2011 U.S. Open.  She was hanging out with Queen Latifa and Serena Williams,just to name a few.  She’s just super cool like that!

Nathanael, the eldest and first to leave home.  He recently just left for the Marines.  He is an extremely talented musician with an exceptional future ahead.  He was recruited to play in the Marine band/orchestra (I’m not sure what it is called).  He still has all the hard work of boot camp ahead of him but I think he’s ready for it.  The huzband had the opportunity to play with Nathanael awhile back and was awed not only by his talent but who he is.  The Funk’s are raising some really great kids!

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