house guest

The past week we have had a very special house guest!  The three of us have enjoyed taking care of our guest, doting on him, enjoying his company and cute personality!  I’d like you all to meet Woody.

Woody (short for Woodrow) is one of two dogs that my parents have.  While they are away on vacation in Mexico (lucky bums) our family grew by one for the week.  Having Woody has given us a glimpse into life with a dog.  We know that we one day want to have a dog so it was nice to get a taste of the responsibility before hand.

I have to say, our little V jumped right in on the responsibilities, helping take him out, playing with him and keeping him away from the cat food.  She has been asking for a puppy since she could speak (slight exaggeration) so it was nice to see that she wanted to be a part of it all!  She would even come find me to let me know he peed on the carpet (not my favorite part of having a dog).

As you can see, lots of fun has been had with Woody.  These were too cute not to share, blurriness and all!  Woody will be going home soon however it has been a joy to have him a part of our family!

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