I was more recently introduced to the triathlon world.  (Even more recently than that have I finally learned to spell it!)  I don’t recall through whom, but it has become a big part of my husbands world.  Before he was just intensely focused on running.  Now it’s swimming, biking and running!

warming up

As if one sport wasn’t enough, now I get to listen to three sports wrapped into one.

Okay okay.  I do follow Christ Lieto, the best American triathlete on Twitter.

pumped up, ready to go

As much as I like to rag on my husband, his obsession and how much it costs us, I am immensely proud of him, the goals he not only sets but accomplishes.  He is passionate and a hard worker and I want him to go for his heart’s desires!

the swim: it’s like releasing the sardines

Therefore, I was extremely proud of him last weekend when he competed in his very first triathlon.  It is the smallest of them all, a mini tri.  It contains 1K swim (.6 of a mile), 9 mile bike on hill terrain and 5K run (3.1 miles).

I admit, when he took off on his swim my eyes teared up a bit and my heart was proud!  (Can you imagine what I’ll be like when Velda accomplishes something?  I’ll be a complete mess!  She will be utterly embarrassed and I’ll love it!)

* photo by Fernando De La Cruz *

the triathlete Pastors (Pastor Jerry is working on an Ironman next year!)

I care. And so I tri.

salud to daddy

So felicitaciones to my Colombian lover for a job well done!  Your Martinez girls are so very proud of you!

And who would of thought you were the old man of the group!

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