the great white north

20130429-221708.jpglittle V’s map: she colored in each new state we entered & then got to open a surprise bag from her Aunt Tracy

We have officially ended our travels in the United States, at least until we arrive to our new home: Alaska.  There are still moments as we are driving that it hits me again, ‘we are actually doing this‘.  I remember that we won’t be returning to our little home in Hempstead, New York.  Little V won’t be returning to her classmates at school.  I won’t be driving down the streets that have become so familiar nor making the trip to Jersey to see my family.  It’s still surreal and I think it will all become real the moment we drive into Alaska, knowing we have entered our new home.

20130429-221719.jpgapproaching the Canadian border

Have you ever been to Canada?  This was my first time and I really wanted to be the one “driving” into Canada.  There is something about driving in a foreign country that I find fascinating.  Though traffic rules are no different, it’s still fun to add another country to the list of countries I have driven in.


Canadian Immigration did ask us to pull over on the side.  We are a pretty suspicious family and I think they caught wind of it.  Really though, I don’t know why but the thought came to both the huzband and myself, ‘maybe they have the same system as the U.S. and J’s name was flagged‘.  If you have never heard any of the huzband’s border trouble, make sure to ask him about it sometime.  Pretty much, any time he is coming back into the United States, his name is flagged because there is a very bad man out there with the same name and birthdate as J.  (Can’t wait for the Canadian/Alaska crossing – NOT.)

And then we were officially in Canada, eh!  I drove in Canada eh, it was boring eh, the dog threw up eh and after about 20 minutes, I let the huzband take over eh.  (Get what I’m doing here, eh?!)

20130429-222851.jpgLethbridge dog run

Everyone tells you, if you are driving to Alaska, you NEED the Milepost.  The Milepost is a travel planner that comes out every year telling you about all the roads in and out of Alaska, as well as Canada.  It literally goes mile by mile telling you about every trash can, bathroom, gas station, pothole and steep grade.  At the sound of it, it sounds weird and boring.  Let me tell you, I am fascinated by this book.  I can’t wait to crack open its pages to review where we will be driving to next.  I am a full-fledged Nerd!

In the Milepost, it tells you about all the towns you will drive through.  If they are large enough, you actually get a map of the town and some information about it.  The first major town we hit once in Canada was Lethbridge.  I highlighted that they had a dog run and thought it would be a great pit stop treat for Lola.  I am so glad we stopped.  I have never seen a dog run like this.  It was a canyon!  It was an unbelievable sight with a path winding up between it all.  Lola was in doggy heaven.  She ran her little doggy feet out, made friends and even picked a fight.  It was a good break for us all!

20130429-222858.jpgwhat goes down, must go UP!

20130429-224245.jpgsometimes it’s not enough that you are driving, you also have to entertain your 5 year old child too

20130429-224253.jpgthe Milepost : my current read

20130429-230423.jpgthe small town of Nanton along the way

20130429-230429.jpgeven in the tiniest of towns we can find something to enjoy

20130429-230437.jpgwhen in Canada, eat like the Canadians

20130429-230449.jpgrelaxing at the end of the day while little V gets in some pool time

20130429-230457.jpgI would say two little ladies are enjoying the relaxed bed rules in the hotels

Oh Canada, tank you for welcoming us graciously into your country.  I just have one question for you: why, oh, WHY do you serve Pepsi and not Coke everywhere?  There must be something seriously wrong or Pepsi has their devil hooks in you!!  Wait, is Pepsi made with venison and maple syrup here?

One thought on “the great white north

  1. I love this post…I can almost smell the maple 🙂 it looks like you’re having a great time and I’ll be praying that your cross over from Canada to Alaska is smooth…

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