the last night

I began writing this post last night (Monday night) but got too tired to finish it.  However I decided not to change what I initially wrote but leave it as that was what I was feeling.  For a current update on where we are at, the M family has officially left Long Island!  Day 1 of #longislandtoalaska is now over.  We made it to my parents house in New Jersey and will stay here for two nights.  Driving with the trailer attached (and full) is interesting.  There was lots of “watch out” along the way!  Hopefully as we leave NY, we will also be leaving the tiny, narrow roads behind us!


Tonight is the last night in my home, la casa nueva!  I am sitting in bed, in the middle of my basement living room, surveying all that needs to be completed tomorrow.  It’s one of those moments where you know you are almost to the end, almost finished, but to get there, you just have to do a whole lot of work.

It is very surreal knowing this day has actually arrived.  In case you haven’t picked up on it, we are leaving a day early.  Since our first stop is my parents house in New Jersey, we figured why not just leave Tuesday afternoon and have that many more hours with our family in Jersey.  So tomorrow is the day!  I have to be honest, I am having a hard time really processing my emotions.  I think I am somewhat in a state of shock and my body is just pushing forward.

I have thought back upon these past few weeks since we made the decision to move.  Once we moved into our basement (and 90% of our packing was done), we purposely took time to enjoy Long Island, NYC, foods, places, and especially friends and family.   These past few weeks have truly filled my heart to overflowing.  Here is just a glimpse into some of the things we have been up to.


Can you guess where we went?  If you said the Museum of Natural History then you are correct.  How can you not visit after watching the movie The Night at the Museum?  I can’t tell you how many times I have been to this museum over the course of my life but I can tell you, it never gets old.


IMG_7357my little ham

We also took V to her very first Broadway show.  At first we debated whether she was old enough but finally it dawned on us, hello, it’s Spiderman on Broadway!!  What 5-year-old isn’t gonna love that!!  So one afternoon after school, we told V we were going to go look for Spiderman in the city.  It was a surprise right up until we saw Spidey plastered all over the front of the theater.  We walked inside and there he was waiting to take a picture with us.  I didn’t know he would be there but it worked out so perfectly.  V loved the show; she was in awe throughout the whole thing.  It was a really well done and I’m so glad we went.  It didn’t hurt either that we got our tickets on Groupon (what up discount!!)


We love the beach, and by we I refer to V and myself.  I have loved living in a place where I had not only the glorious NYC at my fingertips, but a quick drive away was the warm breeze of the ocean winds and the sand in between my toes.  Though it wasn’t true beach weather, we never let that stop us.

IMG_7158enjoyed having the beach all to ourselves.  it was Lola’s first time as well.


IMG_7183had to take a beach time out for getting in trouble

IMG_7199our ever growing sea shell collection

The huzband and I also took in a few concerts.  We figured perhaps not too many folks make it up north for people’s listening pleasure so why not get a few in now.  It also helped that there were people we wanted to see playing in the city before we left.  Okay, so really one of them I totally geeked out as it was my all time favorite band reuniting after ten years.  Perhaps I dragged persuaded the huzband to join me!

484048_10151814084813056_504414457_nmy brother & sister-in-law treated us to tickets for Crowder

photo-4Five Iron Frenzy : my 15, 19, 21, 24 and 32-year-old self all got together and rocked out!

Both the huzand and myself had never been to the United Nations and for the huzband particularly, it was a must see before leaving.  It is such an interesting place but not one you would normally go visit.  We happen to have a pretty cool friend who works with UNICEF at the U.N.  We begged asked if he would have time to show us around one day.  Between his world-wide traveling, he fit us in and oh am I so very thankful he did.

What a truly awesome place.  To think of all the people from around the world that have walked through those doors, the high-profile situations and conversations that took place.  There is a lot of history within those walls.  And because our friend was staff, we got to go places that so many don’t.  From the floor of the Security Council Room to the General Assembly podium to the private gardens along the East River that holds special artifacts such as a piece of the Berlin Wall.  It really was a great day and we owe it all to our friend!!

(Here’s a side story for you: ask the huzband what famous building in the city did he have to do a college report on, yet drew all his information off of the world-wide web and never actually walked inside of!!)




Mixed within were times spent with dear friends!  Though I loved each moment with our friends, I would have to say my favorite ones of all were when V got to have her goodbye play dates with her friends!!  We wanted to make sure she had her time to enjoy the friendships she has made.  She’s my little girl and it brings me so much joy to see her growing as a little person and building relationships.


photo-1I love this picture.  What kind of ‘girl talk’ are they having?

photo-5V with a few of her sunday school teachers


a goodbye picture with her sunday school class

photo-3whad’up from the girls bathroom

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