you should have a seat before you read this

I have been heard often saying ‘God has a sense of humor.  He likes to laugh at me, not with me.’  I think he enjoys watching me squirm, mouth open in disbelief, dumb founded in awe and speechless from shock.  The following is just another example of him putting me into a position where I am in awe of his goodness as well as his challenges.


This May will be eight years that I have been living in Long Island.  Though I began my marriage here and started my family here, I have never really felt like I completely clicked with the culture here.  There was still so much of Long Island that I just didn’t mesh with but I had come to terms that this was where we were and I was happy with that.  Not too long ago, things began to change.  I found my heart looking at my surroundings knowing I was home.  Last November I found my heart full of pride for this island I called home.  I felt as though my picture was complete.

The huzband and I have such joy in being a part of Team World Vision, two years later we are still so thankful for our home, our hearts beat for our community of Hempstead and the final piece, truly feeling like Long Island was home, this was where we belonged, had just fallen into place.  What a joy, a blessing to have a heart full of contentment!

* Enter God’s sense of humor *

Without anything on our part, the huzband received a phone call this past December; a phone call we were not expecting.  A friend of ours that pastors a church was calling to offer the huzband a job on staff.  To say we were shocked would be an understatement.  We were utterly and completely shocked, floored, speechless and surprised.  We took the time to talk, think, pray, fast, pray, freak out, talk, pray, think, freak out and pray a little more.  This was no light decision for us and we understood the seriousness of our decision if we said yes.

The huzband loved his work with Team World Vision; I loved his work with Team World Vision.  There were so many unanswered questions to be solved.  How could this all work out?  There were moments where it all seemed so overwhelming.  Did this really make sense?

One day while I was freaking out thinking over our choices, our upcoming needed-to-be-made decision, I started thinking about my life, all I had been through thus far.  I was thinking about these different moments, situations, and though I have seen it time and time again, it is like it hit me in the face for the first time.  God has been so overwhelmingly faithful.  I don’t deserve His grace, His patience, His love or His favor.  Yet, time and time again, He has shown me there is nothing I can do to gain it, He just does it.  Two and a half years ago, we closed our church.  When we knew the decision needed to happen, we didn’t know what was in store for our future.  We just did what we believed God was asking us to do.  No human hand could have perfectly aligned all that followed from the closing of the church, to the huzband’s hiring with Team World Vision, to the church that now meets in our old building.

Here He is again asking us to step out on the ledge, not knowing what is beneath us and to just. have. faith.

To just trust.

To just obey.

So we said yes.  And with it comes all the excitement of a new adventure ahead as well as the sadness that comes with saying goodbye to all that you know and love.

So come this April, the M family will be packing up the car with 2 adults, 1 child, 1 boxer and a small trailer full of just the essentials.  We will be hitting the road, traveling not just across the country but literally, across North America to make our new home in Wasilla, Alaska.

Yes, you read correctly, we are moving to Alaska!  * insert my totally freaked out & excited face *  Already answers are being provided for the questions that plagued us before.  Already, His peace has overwhelmed my heart.  For the moment, I am just thankful and have no more words.

Now, I just need to pack!

IMG_7860going for a ride in Alaska’s backyard

IMG_7925our last trip to AK we were incognito to surprise some good friends & missionaries of our old church

IMG_7909_2let this new adventure begin

5 thoughts on “you should have a seat before you read this

  1. Wow I can’t believe it, what an adventure I will pray for you guys. I am waiting for the Huzband to call me back to offer congrats……..I will miss you guys………keep on blogging from Alaska and definitely post pictures… John & Heather Cortes

  2. Oh my gosh!! I’m beyond excited for all of you guys! I’m glad I obeyed and sat down before reading your post 🙂 what an awesome adventure! ❤

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