date night

An extra special highlight from Christmas weekend was the Friday before Christmas.  Thanks to the grandparents watching all the kids (there are 8 by the way), us siblings and spouses got to go out on a rare date night together.  It is rare enough that the huzband and I are able to have a real deal date night and we only have one kid, imagine the excitement for my brother’s and their wives who have 3 and 4 kids!  To top it off, the best part of the night was that we got to go out together.  With all of us living in different states, we don’t get to hang out like this very often so Friday night was probably one of my favorite nights.

Doodad hanging out with the kids

My brother’s are the best and the women they married are the sister’s I never had!  I am so thankful for a family that gets along so well.  We laugh, joke around and have fun, we can share personal things and know it is safe.  Don’t get me wrong, we are not perfect, we have our issues but I think we are doing our best to truly live out family, supporting and loving each other through whatever life brings us.  Outside my parents, these are the people I trust the most, I have learned so much from them and am so thankful to have each one in my life!  I treasure nights like this where we can all be together.

hitting up a movie

Rockin’ Joes

I look forward to many more date nights together as we all grow old together.  There’s some distance between us all and I was a bit spoiled visiting the Oklahoma family a little over a month ago and then all of us being together this past week.  I think that made it extra hard to say goodbye.  I wanted to know I would see them again soon, however unfortunately I don’t know the next time we will all be together again.  Till then I just have to think upon all our good times together and take comfort in phone calls, emails, an occasional trip to Jersey and good ol’ facebook!

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