olympic triathlon

If we are friends on Facebook, you probably noticed some status updates a few weeks ago about the huzband competing in a triathlon.  On Saturday, June 11th J competed in his first Olympic Triathlon: the Robert J Aaron Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon!  (You may recall a post about his first sprint triathlon last summer.)  An olympic triathlon’s distance consists of

1 mile swim

22 mile bike

6.2 mile run

A good time really, don’t you think?  V was a trooper through it all, waiting patiently and cheering on daddy.  I have to say I really enjoyed myself; we finally made it out to Montauk and it only took us 6 years!  It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to go back.  Of course you would think I actually took pictures of my surroundings, nope, just Juan and ice cream!  What can I say!

though we are not in focus, I love this non the less!  check out V’s face!  oh, and this is one of the many ice cream shots!

we drove the course the night before; notice the orange circles in the water?  that’s where J swam

always prepare the night before whether it be your clothes, water or shaving

race day

preparing his transition area: where he goes from swim to bike, then bike to run

his motivation: I care.  And so I ‘swim bike run’.

mentally preparing….okay, really he just blinked

and he’s off!  he was in the 4th wave, therefore he started 15 mins after the first group (important to remember for later)

waiting patiently for daddy while snacking and doing our best to stay warm

I must interject and say that we had a primo spot for when people came out of the water.  We got to see the first man out and what I found really exciting, is among all the black swim caps that were men from the first wave (first wave holds the best of the best), we suddenly spot a red cap.  The only people wearing red caps were women.  I can’t tell you the awe that all of us onlookers were in when we realized that amongst the elite men, one solo woman appeared.  All I can say is that this woman is a rocket in the water.  She not only left the rest of the women in the dust but passed more than half of the men in the first wave.  All I can say is that there was a huge roar when she came out of the water!  We were all cheering for her because really, she is talented!  It was exciting.  When J and I looked at the results later, though she did not win the race overall (she was very close), she had the fastest swim out of everyone in the race!  I’m impressed.  Okay, back to J!

there he is!  the swim is now complete.

leaving transition 1 after taking off wet suite and putting on helmet and other bike stuff

about mile 2 of the bike.  we didn’t see him again till the finish line; both V & I were in desperate need of breakfast

happy campers with bellies full of blueberry pancakes; by the way, I love her beautiful eyes!

little V: the cutest cheerleader ever.  how can you not rock when she’s in your corner!

he completed it in 2 hours, 33 minutes and 7 seconds

(remember those 15 minutes from earlier? this is where you subtract them.  plus, he crossed 1 second earlier than pic taken.  But who’s really keeping track!)

I am extremely proud of my huzband and loved being there to cheer him on!  As much as I joke, I truly do enjoy being there every moment.  He is a rock star in my book and I look forward to the next one!  (Wait, the next one I am doing too…aaahhh!)

we had a great day

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