Books of 2018

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I love to read, to get lost in the words, wondering what will come with each turn of a page. It’s something my father instilled in me at a young age.  [Honestly, one summer he paid me for every book I read.  Needless to say I read a lot that summer and in the process of making money, I also learned to love reading.  Smart man I say!]

Unfortunately, the past few years I have found that I hardly did any reading AND I’m part of a book club.  It’s sad really, despicable even.  However, right at the end of 2016, thanks in part to the birth of our third daughter, one sleepless, breastfeeding evening I got tired of scrolling on my phone.  I looked over at my ever growing, long neglected “to read” stack of books, dusted off one that had been sitting there longer then I care to admit, and cracked it open.


You can imagine what happened next; actually you can’t because I was a blibbering, blubbering mess of tears within the first two chapters.  After that though I was hooked.  The new year came, I turned the last page of the book and realized how much I had missed reading.

I didn’t make any New Year resolutions, however if I did, it would be to read more this year and every year that follows.  That’s what I want to do, make a point to spend more time in the pages of a good book.  To help me (I don’t know how it will really but I just want to do it), I decided to create a page on my neglected blog to list all the books I read this year.  Hence here we are on said page with its ever clever title, “Books of 2018”.  [Obviously, pertaining to whatever year it happens to be.]  I hope to look back at the end of the year, heart content having reengaged with something I truly love doing.

Here’s to another year full of words!!!

                                                     “Keep reading!  It’s one of the most                                                          marvelous adventures that anyone can have”


  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K.Rowlings

um……I know I have read more than one book this year, I just can’t remember any others.  whoops!