My “little” V,

Today you officially entered the ranks of “teenager”!  All weekend we have been celebrating your thirteenth birthday, with friends, sleepovers, ice cream and fruit smoothies, macaroons, sleeping in, breakfast, the best ribs and mac & cheese around, good movies and anything else we fancied to celebrate turning 13.

Being your mom has been such a deep joy of my life.  I remember finding out I was pregnant with you, I was so nervous and scared; I didn’t know how your dad and I were going to be able to do it.  A few weeks after you were born, I was sitting with you in your dad’s office, waiting for some friends to come meet you for the first time.  I still remember it to this day, I thought about all the fears and nervousness I had before you were born; all the reasons I had thought about why this wasn’t a good time and why we weren’t ready, yet in that moment, I recognized I couldn’t remember life before you. I could not remember life being so amazing, so full of joy, as it was in this very moment.  I loved doing life with your dad but I didn’t realize how much more wonderful life could be until you came along! You changed my world.


For the first seven years of your life, it was just the three of us: your dad, myself and our little V. It wasn’t planned that there would be such a large gap between you and your sisters, but that’s how it happened. Those years we were definitely partners in crime. There wasn’t an adventure the three of us couldn’t take on. It was very rare that you didn’t go with us wherever we were headed. I think that still rings pretty true today.

Today you have two younger sisters who love to go through your room, rummage through your stuff, adore you and drive you bonkers. That is just a part of the privilege and blessing of being a sister. My heart and prayer is that you three would build such a deep relationship and bond. One day I won’t be here and you will need each other; you will bring joy to each other, you will carry each other in the hard times, you will love and adore each others families, you will share stories of growing up and laugh till the tears roll down. These two little girls that drive you bonkers are going to be one of your greatest treasures.

My girls are my greatest joy and my greatest honor in life.

I have no doubt that I drive you nuts. I get in your business, I embarrass you, and I get frustrated with you. But the last words I shared with you tonight will ring true the rest of your life.

I love you.

I am so very proud of you.

I love being your mom!

You will always have a place at mom’s table!

Happy 13th Birthday my girl! Happy Birthday!

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