two for one

Today the huzband played drums at church for all three services.  (It was a whole pastor’s take over the worship band kind of thing.)  Anytime he plays these days, it brings me back to our beginning dating years when I would visit him at his church and sit where I could watch him in the drum cage.  He was always so handsome playing his heart out (pat-ta-pat-ta-pat-ta)!!  I mean really, who wouldn’t want to date the dashing, sexy Colombian musician!  And he is just as good-looking today when he plays….though he has less hair!


Today our little household double celebrated the huzband!  Not only are we celebrating the amazing father that he is, but we are also celebrating the day he was born, his birthday!!  It’s a two for one day!


To the huzband, 

You have gifted me two incredible little girls that fill my heart to overflowing!  You daily pour your love into their hearts, into their lives and you truly are the apple of their eyes!  I am out of words tonight (I’m tired people) but my thoughts keep taking me to the fact that you are a wonderful father.  Little did we know but you were created to be a daddy to little girls!  What an incredible honor that is, to be molding these two into beautiful women.  Your role in our lives is more humongous than you could ever imagine!  Keep loving and living life to the fullest!

imageI was at all three services as well so I spent quite a bit of time in the nursing mom’s room with Rose hence this is the best photo I got of the huzband playing today (kind of a fail?!)

Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day my love!

Your White Albino


If you would like to catch some of the huzband’s drum playing madness or his wives’ awesome announcing announcements skillz, here is the link for this week’s video on our church’s website:

Father’s Day at Church on the Rock


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