a look back at first grade

summer beforeV the summer before 1st grade on our move cross-country; pictured here in Yellowstone National Park

Yesterday my little girl started second grade.  (Insert lots of tears at the realization of how quickly she is outgrowing being so little.)  I hear her small, childish, sweet voice saying “Mommy” and my heart melts.  Then I experience her growing, independent, strong will and desires and I want to roll my eyes.  She is still so young yet everyday she is growing more and more.  She looked so grown up yesterday heading off to second grade at a new school.  She showed some of her growing characteristics as she exhibited anxiousness about not being able to hear her new teacher and her ability to overcome as she loaded into the car at the end of the day full of joy and excitement about her first day!

I have to remind myself sometimes how much this little girl has gone through already.  She braved a move across the continent not knowing what lay ahead for her but trusting her parents, and like the trooper that she is, this is the fourth school that she will attend.  We are all excited for what this year will entail with our new school Midnight Sun but not without first saying goodbye to our old school Meadow Lakes. (V attended her local public elementary school for first grade but had been on a wait list for a local charter school. She got in just a few weeks before school started.)  There was great fun, learning and friendships at Meadow Lakes that we are thankful for.  Here is a long overdue glimpse at little V’s first grade year.


When looking at the above picture, one would wonder where the excitement was for the first day of school.  I recall asking V to show some excitement, some joy over starting first grade at her new school.  This is what she gave me in response:


Okay, not really.  We were playing around at this point.  This is the “smile” she really gave me:


Every picture hence forth contained this smile, EVERY picture!  Don’t believe me?  I have the proof, frame after frame after frame.


christmas2the Christmas program.


I just couldn’t help including a second picture of Velda in her Christmas program.  She was so cute all dolled up in her fancy dress and pink snow boots!  What?!?!  I am sure there was snow on the ground, perhaps I realized as we were getting V ready that she didn’t have any dress shoes, perhaps the thin layer snow on the ground was enough excuse to just go with snow boots.  Who can remember these things.

rock wallthe rock wall in her school gymnasium * iPhone pic *

Last year, I was able to substitute teach quite a bit in V’s school.  I enjoyed getting to go to school together early or see her several times throughout the day.  She would see me in a nearby classroom, run and give me a hug or make sure that she was a ‘pick up’ instead of riding the bus.  She liked to hang out with me after school hours as I wrapped up in a classroom, straightened things or wrote a note to the teacher.  It made the day much brighter for both of us!

a sub daydrawing on a teacher’s board while she waited for me * iPhone pic *

lucas room* iPhone pic *

recess return* iPhone pic *

My favorite sub job in her school required me to work in a computer lab in the afternoon.  It just happened to be located right next door to her classroom.  (Blue door pictured above.)  I was respectful and never interrupted class (at least not purposely), however it allowed me to peek through the door window as often as I pleased and her desk just happened to be located in perfect viewing position!!

I am thankful for the faculty and staff at Meadow Lakes for making V’s first grade experience a wonderful one!!  It really is a great school with some great teachers.  I am also thankful I got to work there as much as I did and get to glimpse a lot of what she partook in.  Our little girl is growing up fast.

IMG_3161* iPhone pic *

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