a year later : video

Here’s a little video the huzband and I put together after being in Alaska for one year!

It recaps not only just a few highlights but also gives a glimpse to what our coming year will hold!

One thought on “a year later : video

  1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I’M JUMPING UP AND DOWN!! SO EXCITED! You should have seen Hannah and Leah’s faces when they watched it. Jaws dropped and high pitched screams followed. We are so thrilled for you guys. I already know what a wonderful mom you are to Velda, so this new baby is already so blessed. We commit to pray for a healthy, happy momma and baby. I bet Velda is really excited too! She will be a great big sister! Somehow, we’ll have to figure out a way to get to Alaska to see the new bundle of joy!

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