my mom

Happy Mother’s Day!!


To women worldwide who in one form or another love us with their mothering heart.  It takes all shapes and forms, from birthing your child, to bringing home your child through the miracle of adoption, to pouring yourself into a child through fostering, to taking other women under your wings and mentoring them, to loving on those without a mom anymore.  I could go on and on but mothering can be found in many facets.

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I am especially thankful for my mom!  A woman who 33 years ago took me in her arms and has not stopped loving, encouraging, and teaching me.  There are mountains of things, attributes and characteristics, that I love and appreciate about my mom.  However, today I heard something from my pastor that not only reminded me of my mother but the core of who she is.

“The heart of a mother is to point the children of God to their Father.”


Since I can remember, my mom has continuously demonstrated and lived out being a woman who loves God fiercely.  The path she has chosen for her life, the way she loves people but mostly, her unyielding desire to honor and obey her God!  A clear memory came to mind when I was in high school.  I walked into her room, her music was on, her arms outstretched and she was simply being in His presence.  I turned and left but it’s moments like those that mark my heart.


I am thankful for a heart that is full because I have a mother that consistently pointed me to Jesus.  It isn’t always about her words; a lot of the time it’s also about her actions.  Actions full of love and hope and sacrifice.  Actions that showed me regardless of my mistakes, she would always love me.  A true reflection of my heavenly Father’s heart.  It is through her that I have learned much about being a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend and a lover of my God.


Thank you Mom!

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