family selfie


Just a little family selfie for you to enjoy! No particular reason but that we were enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon. Three of the four of us had just awoke from a lovely afternoon snooze, so if we look a bit sleepy-eyed, that’d be why. (To give you a hint, it was all females who snuggled under blankets to catch a few winks.) We all crowded onto the little couch after waking up, our previously cranky selves being rested away, our afternoon open to just enjoy each other and it seemed an opportune moment to snap a quick picture with my phone.

One of my goals for this year is to take a family photo once a month. It doesn’t have to be perfect or staged or us in our finest threads, it just has to be us being together.  I want to purposely take a moment to pause and take in where our family is at a given moment, to remember bits of our life for later years and relish in the now. To see the goodness of my life in the faces I love.  I know this moment in our life will pass, so I pause to store this treasure within my heart.  So keep your eyes peeled for a random family selfie to pop up.

If you paused to take a snapshot of your life, family, loved ones, or self right now, what would you notice, what would you store in your heart?  Would you notice anything you might have or were about to miss?

‘Allow yourself more moments of awe, wonder, inspiration and grace.’

– Sevenly

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