twenty years

My desire was to have this for yesterday (Friday) however, it was a day of the unexpected with a little girl staying home from school due to sickness and lots of other littles things that just threw me off.  I had to let it go and come back to it today, which in the end, worked out just fine.



20140201-005244.jpgthe huzband, around 3 years old, with his father and older sister in Colombia

He was 16 years old when he first stepped foot on U.S. soil.  He was traveling with his older sister and younger brother.  They had been flying all day, transferring from one city to the next finally arriving in Miami, Florida around 11 pm on January 31st.  The feeling of first being in the U.S. was exciting.  Everything was new, clean and organized.  For these three, it was a fresh start, a new life to make their own.

20140201-005343.jpgthe huzband with Maria and Javier about one month before moving to the states

He had a whole $20 to his name tucked away in his pocket.  They were all hungry and he spent his only money on McDonald’s to feed the three of them.  They boarded another plane and after one more stop, finally arrived at their final destination,  their new home in New York.


It has been 20 years to the date that the huzband first came to the United States from Colombia.  To think back about it is to bring a mixture of emotions.  I asked the huzband what stirs inside of him thinking upon the time that has pasted.  His response was filled with gratefulness for being where he is today  and the life that he has lived.  Though he no longer considers Colombia his home, what is his home fills his heart to overflowing: being wherever his little V and his wife are!  However, that is also 20 years that he has not lived in Colombia; the family and friends you say goodbye to, the traditions he doesn’t experience anymore, that is time that you never get back.

20140201-005628.jpgthe huzband working hard on his John Deere

I find it remarkable to think it has been 20 years since this scrawny little boy stepped off an airplane and into a new life before him.  How is it even possible that 20 years have passed?  Are we even old enough for that?

20140201-005637.jpgwe (as in I) got a good laugh out of this, his bright yellow outfit, fanny pack and dalmation’s shirt

I asked Juan how it makes him feel thinking it has been 20 years.  His response?


“I feel old.”

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