Once a month our church takes five minutes during its Sunday gathering to focus on marriage; it’s called the “marriage moment“.  Our friends Dale & Susie do a great job each month to share tidbits to help husband and wives grow deeper in their marriage.  A while back they were looking to incorporate some others into these Marriage Moments and somehow the huzband and I got signed up to do one.  It just so happens that Dale & Susie are away this month and we are responsible for these 5 minutes of wisdom.  Oh, little. do. they. know!  All the hard work they have put in to build this up comes tumbling down when you allow the huzband and I to be a part.  We just have a natural tendency to well, make a fool of ourselves!  And I may be partial, but I would say we do quite a good job at it!

So this morning we stepped up to the plate and presented some very deep and meaningful words of wisdom!

marriage momentphoto courtesy of Manny Reyes

I am so grateful to be a part of a community that encourages husbands and wives to work together.  It fills my heart to overflowing to work together with my husband, pushing ourselves out of our comfort and giving room to think outside the box.  It is not just that I am thankful for him (which I am); it is that I am thankful for these moments where we as one (husband and wife) can be creative, using our strengths and supporting each other in our weaknesses.  I am grateful for Dale and Susie trusting us to do this but mostly, I am thankful for the huzband that is willing to.  The huzband that sees value in my words and ideas, the huzband that encourages my creativity and the huzband that recognizes we are an important part of each other.

Sunday was silly, goofy and fun.  Yet deeper than that, it was about the huzband and I working, creating and having fun together!

2 thoughts on “together

  1. What a great idea! What were your words of wisdom? One thing Stephen I live by is every day we wake up is a new day and any struggles we may have had the day or night beofre are gone and we start anew each morning acknowledging one another and how thankful we are to have one another and the love we share. Reading that sounds kind of sappy, but it’s my most favorite part of our relationship.

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