I remember a rainy day in the spring of 2012 where the huzband and I were sitting in the car while our daughter was sleeping in the back seat.  The subject of ‘goals’ to work towards came up and I decided to share with him this crazy idea that had been mulling around in my head: to run the NYC Marathon with Team World Vision as my very first marathon.

photo-21logging miles for my first marathon even in the rain

Several months and many miles later, I was ready for my first marathon, jitters and all.  However Mother Nature had another plan when Hurricane Sandy came through wrecking havoc all along the east coast.  So instead of running 26.2 miles, I helped assemble and distribute emergency food and supplies for those who were greatly effected!

Tomorrow, thousands of runners will take on one of the most prestigious races in the world! I am excited to cheer on a small group of runners who took on the challenge to help support World Vision’s work in child protection with Team World Vision.  I am even more excited for my Australian mate Tim who came back after last years cancelled race, logged over 8 months of training, countless number of miles and raised over $10,000 for World Vision.

IMG_6158last year’s TWV runners for the NYC Marathon; “FIERY” is Tim from Australia back to take down this marathon

What does all this have to do with thankfulness?  I am thankful for perseverance, for that is what it takes to look ahead, push past the pain, aches and tiredness and continue on in a marathon.  To persevere past self doubt, mental struggles and physical pain.  You learn a lot about yourself and what you have deep within to draw from.  I am thankful for the perseverance that can translate from long distance running to long distance life!  To not just live life, but to live it full of love, compassion and conviction.  To work through the hard times and celebrate in the joyful times; to know that it is within the journey that our heart is forever changed.  I am thankful for the perseverance that carries people to continue training and return a year later, but ultimately continue changing lives of others through their actions.

2 thoughts on “perseverance

  1. What great words of encouragement as I’m getting ready to leave my home to board the Staten Island ferry to begin my 26.2 mile voyage today. Thanks and all my love to the family. The Cortes Family 🙂

    1. We are so very proud of you John!! Cheering you on from Alaska as you continue to not only challenge yourself, but challenge and encourage others by the way you live your life! YOU are such an encouragement to us!! Love you and your family!

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