thankfulness : take 2

A few years ago I took the time to write down everyday (or close to it) something or someone I was thankful for.  (You can check out the first day here.)  Perhaps you have seen people doing this or even participated yourself; daily taking time to dwell upon people, things or circumstances that have enriched your life, pushed you to grow or just brought joy to your heart.  Throughout the day today, I read different posts from others who were beginning their daily thankfulness sharing.  It reminded me of when I did it and got me thinking.  Here I am, along with my family, in this new season of life.  How drastically our life has changed in so many ways and yet, so much of our family core is still the same.  I thought perhaps this November would be a good time to pause, take a step back and allow my heart to overflow with gratefulness for where God has brought us, what He is doing and everything in between.

20131102-004254.jpgNYC subway sibling selfie

Today (November 1st) is my oldest brother Juan, and his wife Tracy’s, 21st anniversary!  (Happy Anniversary you two!)  Thinking of them today, I am so very thankful for the two brothers that I have and the sisters I gained when they married two spectacular women!!  I could go on and on about all the things about them that brings my heart to overflowing but in the end, I am so very proud of my brothers and grateful for my sisters.  I truly am the most blessed little sister there is!!

20131102-004928.jpgmy oldest brother, Juan, with cute little me

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