we are still here

20130901-141615.jpghanging out at the Alaska State Fair

Welcome September.  For most of the states, it means fall is here.  I love the fall, from the weather to the changing of the colors, the spices that abound and oh the pumpkin!  Here in Alaska, it just means winter is that much closer!  It has been quite a while since I have sat down to blog.  I’ve had plenty that I have wanted to share (and still do) from enjoying this Alaskan summer, to our visit back to NY/NJ, the huzband’s Ironman, our first visitor to Alaska and little V starting first grade!  Wait, FIRST GRADE!  aaahhhh….

But alas, I haven’t taken the time to do so.  In part it has to do with us not having internet at home.  Yes I know I can still blog from my phone but call me old-fashioned; I like to sit down to an actual computer.  So here I am, Sunday afternoon (AK time), sitting down in the huzband’s office to an actual computer.  I thought I would just take a few moments to say hi.  “Hi!”

Our little family is still here.  We enjoyed the glorious Alaskan summer and are now awaiting our first Alaskan winter.  I am continually thankful for where God has brought us.  It does not mean it is always easy, but I find joy among it all!!  Tell me, how are YOU?  How was your summer?  The high’s, the low’s, the joy in between it all?

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