i am his daughter

with my dad and Grandma Rae (the woman I am named after)

I have many a memories waking up in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun even rose, to the sound of my father’s voice as he stood over me praying. Before my dad would leave for work, he would come quietly into my room while I was still sleeping and pray for my day, for my future, for me. I would usually just roll over and go back to sleep. I think I just thought my dad was crazy, and well, he is. But it was these moments that also reminded me that I was always in the forefront of my father’s mind.

20130616-213719.jpgwith my dad and two older brothers when we lived in the Caribbean

Some of my favorite words my dad has said to me over the course of my life, “I am your biggest fan”.

I have no doubt that he is. I am thankful that as I grow, our relationship grows and deepens. When I was little he would cover my ouchies with a band-aid, he would hold my hand as we crossed the street, he would squeeze me tight and kiss me all the time so I would know he loved me. Today, he prays for me when I share my heart through tears, he sends me notes to tell me how proud he is of me, and he hugs me tight the moment he sees me so that I would know he loves me.

20130616-213752.jpgcelebrating my dad with my two older brother’s  (isn’t Mikey the cutest?!)

20130616-213800.jpglearning to ride my bike

I love to hear the story of when my father found out he was going to be bringing home a little girl. People tell me he ran through the streets of his neighborhood, yelling at the top of his lungs that he had a little girl! An overwhelming joy that he couldn’t contain, that is who I was to him. My dad is big and loud and anything he does is big and loud. That means he loves big & loud, he forgives big & loud, he honors his wife big & loud, he plays with his grandkids big & loud. Sometimes we shake our head thinking why are you so big & loud, but then I remember, he pursues life with passion, he pursues God with everything in him, he pursues his family with all his heart, he pursues the lost with love. That is who he was created to be and all of that comes out of this big and loud father of mine.

20130616-213809.jpgmy dad and i

20130616-213817.jpgi have no words for myself in this picture; i just laugh

20130616-213913.jpgcelebrating my 14th birthday (i think)

He is my father. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but his daughter.

20130616-214006.jpgone of his many trips to Africa loving on kids who don’t have a father or mother

20130616-213943.jpgi mean really, who else do you know who rides a harley, whilst wearing flames on his chuck taylor’s and in a hawain shirt?!?



Every day, I am thankful you are my dad!

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