when in oklahoma

Tonight we are staying in a town called Gardiner, which is located in Montana, right outside the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. It’s been a long and beautiful day. (Tomorrow I’ll share more on today’s drive as well as our time in Yellowstone.) Tomorrow our plan is to spend half the day in Yellowstone and then head to Helena, Montana where we are staying with the parents of a friend of ours back in New York.

Last night I had a chance to unload pictures from my camera and begin going through them. While the sun set today (and we were still driving in the car), I pulled out the computer and gathered some from our time with family in Oklahoma. We spent two days there visiting with my brother and his family. While there we also got to see my cousin, her husband and their two boys as well as my aunt. To say there was non stop play for V and her cousins would be an understatement. There was plenty of dress up, trampoline jumping, play making, Lucas avoiding (the youngest of them all), cookie eating and Lola chasing. It was early mornings, late nights and cousin bonding. I am thankful that V has the chance to make memories with all her cousin (including her cousins from TN). I hope there are many a fun times ahead for them all!

Most of these photos are from my iPhone, except for the group cousin shot.

20130426-235635.jpgwe drove by my Granny’s home.  all my Oklahoma memories were in this home till I was in high school.

20130426-235643.jpgwith my wonderful cousin Ashley and photo bombed by my brother Mike

20130426-235705.jpgour friend’s son had to present a report on Colombia & interviewed the huzband to make a video for his report


20130426-235905.jpgthe huzband and Lucas both getting their bike rides in for the day

20130426-235935.jpgmy niece Hannah helped us wash our car & trailer while Leah, Lucas & V all went to gymnastics together


20130427-002336.jpgwe thanked her with ice cream

20130426-235917.jpgsuch sweet girls


I love my Oklahoma roots and my Oklahoma family!  I don’t know the next time we will be able to make it back to the Sooner State but I am already looking forward to it.  I think there is a little girl in our family that can’t wait to get back to her cousins either!!


IMG_7612some crazy, silly and awesome kids!

One thought on “when in oklahoma

  1. Enjoying your pictures of time spent with your family. I see your approaching your final stages of your trip. Love the mt. Rushmore photo!! The further away you get, the more I miss you! Hugs to all!

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