what does seventeen hours look like?

Did I say our last drive was a long one? I was mistaken. Today was THE long one!

When planning our route, we knew the first week would have some especially long days of driving. We are visiting family along the way and didn’t want to waste a night sleeping on the road when we could spend that night with family. So long days of driving it is.

We left the huzband’s sister’s home about 5:45 in the morning and are estimated to arrive at my brother’s home at about 10 pm. Throw in a time change and we will have been on the road for something like 17 hours (um that’s almost 900 miles). Oh my lordy, just looking at that number and realizing we have been in the car that long, it’s just wrong and gross.

So here is a look into what 17 hours on the road looks like.












4 thoughts on “what does seventeen hours look like?

  1. So great to see wonderful photos of your trip. By far my favorite would be Velda and Lola sleeping and the snack store! Hope you guys are well and staying awake! We love you guys!

  2. You are troopers!!! Thinking of you! I see your driving with some Garth brooks, I could have lent you some Gaither c.d.s ! Thanks for the pictures along your travels. Ellen

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