Wheel of Fortune

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a whole lot of goings ons and though there was so much to talk about, just found yourself a bit speechless?  That’s how I have felt with ye ol’blog.  I could be writing a mile a minute for days and yet, every time I sat down, not a whole lot came out.  So in case you feel out of the loops, here’s a quick catch up:

– we are moving to Alaska {in 4 weeks mind you}

– we are 90% done with packing.  most of what we are taking with us will have to fit into a 7×12 trailer that we will be pulling when we drive across the country to our new home of Wasilla, AK.  therefore, most things were sold, given away or trashed and what was left is now stored in our garage.

– we are living in the basement of our house.  it is small for 2 adults {occasionally 3}, 1 child, a dog and a cat.  i had a plant but it died due to lack of sunlight.

– in the midst of continuing our normal life {school and work}, we are also making a point to see family and friends as well as enjoy the big and small things we have grown to love.  mixed in are some new experiences too!!

So there you have it, I think you are pretty much caught up.  Oh, except I have been without a phone for 8 days now…eventually I will get around to fixing that situation!  So now I can tell you all about our last-minute Tuesday evening trip.  The huzband signed onto Facebook Tuesday afternoon and just moments before, a friend of ours had posted that they had tickets to a live recording of Wheel of Fortune at Madison Square Garden for that night.  Though I think the huzband has watched Wheel of Fortune all of one time, he went for it.  And boy am I glad he did.

No, I am not some hidden Pat and Vanna fanatic, though I wouldn’t mind having a go at their wheel!    Once it was confirmed that we were the lucky winners of four tickets, the very next call the huzband made was to see if my 90-year-old grandma in NJ wanted to come!  (A man after my own heart; he loves my Grandma and I love him for it!)  I don’t have to be there to know the huzband made my grandma’s night.  And it sure was a night for her, she rode the NJ Transit all by herself to Penn Station, where I met her and we walked (thankfully) just upstairs to the theater at MSG.

photo-16iPhone photo by the huzband

We were there for two tapings that will air in May.  It was neat to see the inner workings of the game show and lest you think things were dull, the second game got pretty exciting when an answer was called out right as a buzzer went off.  Woo doggie!!  There was all kinds of hootin’ and hollerin’.  Unfortunately the buzzer beat the contestant and to be fair, they did a whole new puzzle.

It was a fun night but really, the part I enjoyed the most was getting to take my grandma.  She is an extraordinary woman, and though she is not too thrilled about how far away we will be living, she is one of the most supportive people I know.  This was a moment I treasured just because I was with her.  It was also a moment that happened thanks to some good friends who passed along their tickets.

photo-17happy Grandma * iPhone photo by the huzband

Also, my grandma is a reminder to me that 90 years old is just young enough to put on your dancing shoes and hit the town when the moment calls for it!!

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