abandonment : part two


You can read the first part here where an update on our adoption process is given, as well as a few questions answered.


considering her own abandonment history, how does Mrs G think she can help her child to process their mourning

I may not have had to struggle with abandonment for me to understand that my child might.  As a parent does in anything hard their child might face, we freak out or in my case, cry!  No really.

I won’t have all the answers.  I don’t have all the answer for my little V now.  However, as my child’s mom, I will do anything and everything in my power to love, support and encourage when facing the dark clouds.  My home is an open home, we talk about our adoption, about our life before, what it might have been.  If my child asks to hear their life story at bedtime, I will tell it again and again until their heart is full.  If my child needs to cry and share their fears, I will listen, love and pray.  If my child doesn’t understand what they are feeling, we will work through it bit by bit together.  I am also not afraid to seek help when in uncharted waters and will learn from those who have gone before me.

Together we will mourn the time they felt deserted, for there will be a high chance it could be one, two or three years.  Together we will pray for our birth parents and when the time is right, we will be grateful for the choice that they made.  Though our life stories are different, my child and I share a bond, we are both adopted.



There were a few more questions asked but I didn’t feel the need to go through them all.  This has been an interesting process for myself because as I am studying and reading up on adoption for our future child, it also causes me to look back upon my own history.

Finally, though it seems so out of left field, I am so thankful for the huzband.  He plays such a huge role in all of this.  Though the questions were directed towards my history, we will be walking through all of this together.  Yes, I was adopted and perhaps will be able to cast a light on things for our adopted child; however, the huzband will be their father, and he will also be helping the child through whatever they may face!  The two of them will have their own connections as well.  I mean really, why do you think we picked Colombia?!  We are in this together and we need each other through it all.


I also want to open the floor to any of you.  Perhaps you have a question you would like to ask about adoption, my personal story, adopting a child or anything related.  I would love to hear your questions and would be happy to answer them to my best.  Either through another post or depending on the question, a private email or Facebook message.  So I leave the floor open to you.  Ask away!


4 thoughts on “abandonment : part two

  1. You were so adorable as a little one and you are SUCH a wonderful mother You are a God given gift to your whole family and I am so proud of you that I’m busting my buttons.

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