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I decided this year not to make a post listing my New Year resolutions, goals or whatever you like to call it.  Originally I had planned to; I even started writing one.  However, somewhere between then and now I changed my mind.  Last year I did make one (details here) and I had every intention to check in here and there with an update of how things were going.  That never happened. Oops.  So here is your update: I spent more time with God (more is never enough), I read some books, I listened to more music, however I only crocheted half a scarf.  Can’t win them all.photo-45

I have taken the time to think about my personal focus, the huzband and I have discussed our family desires, I have journaled needs vs wants, hopes and desires.  Now, my hope is just to share with you along the way what my goals are and how they are going.  You can hear about the New Year resolutions hopefully while they are happening.  Which leads me to tonight’s post and a topic in my resolutions: HEALTH.


A fellow runner and blogger, Mrs. Miller’s Miles, shared this past weekend on her blog about her “No Gym January”.  It was such a great post with some very neat online resources.  As her gym is overcrowded and leaves her wanting more, she is trying something different instead of hiding indoors during the winter months.  I decided to join her No Gym January since I’ve kind of been their for a while, except my no gym will be going beyond January.  Back in September, when our gym membership came to an end, the huzband and I decided not to renew our membership.  We liked our gym, however we have been tightening our belts and cutting excess spending so out went the gym.


While training for my marathon, not having a gym wasn’t as big of a deal for I was getting in plenty of exercise.  However, one of my challenges after finishing a race is getting back into exercising.  The past years I took the well deserved break after all that training except it just kept on and on and on.  I didn’t want to do that this time.  So I signed up for a race before I even ran my marathon. Actually, I am signed up for two races so far in 2013: 13.1 NY and NYC Olympic Triathlon.  (I have a third race on the radar, another half marathon, but have yet to commit.)

running feet

However, I really wouldn’t know how it would go till it happened.  Thankfully somewhere in my training I actually began to like running.  A littler further into my training, I dared to call my self a runner.  Now, a month after my first marathon, I know I am a runner, for I am out there running again.  Officially in my second week of training for my half marathon.  And now that marathon training is over, all the things I have wanted to try during training I can try.


I was inspired by Kristin’s no gym January that I sat down and brainstormed the coming weeks.  I of course have my running but I sat down this week and jotted down some of the things I want to do, from kickboxing (thank you Groupon) to attending some different spin classes (SoulCycle and Synergy, specifically a class taught by a newer friend at Synergy), incorporating more home exercises (thank you Runner’s World Magazine – I cut out a few and taped them in my notebook) to trying out one of Kristin’s online resources and let’s not forget giving the ever addictive Crossfit a try.  It’s been on my list for quite a while.  Now, my “no gym year” will look different because I will find myself in gym like atmosphere’s.  However, non are the permanent ‘I give you my money every month’ kind of thing.  Plus, I am looking for bargains (Groupon or a week free pass, thank you instructor at Synergy).  This all will not fit in my January either but I’ve got the ball rolling.  First up: my groupon for 10 kickboxing classes.


I wrote this previous to our car accident earlier this week.  You can read about it here.  Our doctor said as long as there isn’t a lot of pain, to go ahead and exercise.  It’ll help get things back to normal quicker and if pain will show up later, it will happen sooner.  So after a few days off, I’ll be back at it tomorrow.


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