The huzband was supposed to meet up with a running mate early this morning for (obviously) a run and then breakfast.  Unfortunately for the huzband, his running mate overslept.  Fortunately for me, I got to go to breakfast instead.  Really, there was zero food at home so I treated the huzband to a very delicious breakfast!  It is nice to occasionally take a little time together while V is in school.  We chatted, I took pictures, he read the paper, we chatted some more and I decided I don’t like poached eggs.

photo-45* all pictures are iPhone pictures *

On our way home, with only a few blocks to go, we were sitting at a light when BOOM.  We got rear ended by a commercial van.  I haven’t been in an accident in almost 11 years.  I forget how powerful of an impact a car makes when it hits you.  You are jolted to your core and for a moment just think, WHAT in the world!

I am thankful Velda was not in the car with us.  That would have changed all that followed drastically.  I am also thankful it was not a major accident.  Though the car will need repair, it is drivable till it can be assessed.  The huzband and I are a bit sore, however I think and hope we are okay (the huzband’s a bit worse for wear than I am).  There is most definitely some whiplash and sore upper backs.  I was at the grocery store later (remember, zero food in the house) to pick up just a few essentials.  I could feel all the out of whack kinks in my shoulders and back when I picked up the gallon of milk.  It was a reminder to me how intricate our bodies are.  How they can withstand so much yet still need the time to line up and work things out.  Though I am healthy and “injury” free, my body took a big shock and just needs time to rest and recover.  It’s amazing how a strong hit can just suck the energy out of you.  Let’s just say it is not how I planned our breakfast date to end.


In the end, it’s just not fun for anyone.  For us or the man who hit us.  It was a pure accident and I don’t hold it against him.  I wish my 11 year streak wasn’t broken but thankful it is minor.  So that was my day, how was yours today?

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