eve of my first marathon


It hasn’t quite felt like there has been an approaching marathon much less that it was race week until Thursday.  I awoke at 5:30 am to fit in my last run of 2 miles before we hopped on a plane, the three of us, headed for Dallas.


I have laid out all my race day essentials from what I will be wearing to my nutrition.  As each day has brought me closer, excitement, nervousness and a bit of fear has set in.  To finally run 26.2 miles, to finally experience all its pain and glory!  Of course now that I sit on the eve of my first marathon, I wonder.  I wonder if tomorrow will be full of excruciating, horrifying pain but I have to focus on the good, the joy of running and this journey.


I am extremely thankful for those of you who have taken the time to wish me luck, pray for me, think of me tomorrow as I run and encourage me.  There are a few comments that have stuck with me this week; one’s I have run through my mind more than once and am sure will come up again tomorrow: quitting is not an option and to run with excellence.


It seems fitting to FINALLY announce the winner to Lopez Lomong’s book “Running for my Life“.  Sorry it’s taken so long; sometimes life just happens.  So without further ado and with the help from the huzband, we threw all your names & extra entries into a bowl (we are old school).  The name randomly drawn out was….

Screen shot 2012-12-08 at 10.19.37 PM

Hooray!!  Congratulations!!  I am so excited and hope you enjoy Lopez’s book as much as I did!!  I had every intention to take a picture of the whole drawing process, or at least a picture of the winning paper…but somehow both the pictures and the paper seemed to have escaped me.  Escaped meaning I forgot to take pictures and I lost the piece of paper.  Leah, let’s make sure to connect over the next few days so I can get your address and mail you your next great read!


Tomorrow I will be a runner that goes all the way, 26.2 miles.  I’m gonna run like I stole something!  =)



Support me in my first marathon by sponsoring a child today!


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