the marathon that never was

I was supposed to run my very first marathon November 4th, however plans changed.  Here I am exactly one month later sitting down to do what would have been a recap of my run.  It had been a long journey to reach race day.  A physical journey through all the pain and challenges of running.  However, it had also been a spiritual journey for me as well.  My heart’s desire for the past 6 months had been that I didn’t want to walk away the same person as I started.  I don’t necessarily feel all that different, however it is in the times running where I have spent quite moments with my God that have changed me.  He has challenged me, my role as a mother, how I see people He has created and loves, what it means to love Him and so much more.  It seems so like God that the culmination of all the work over the past months ends with, instead of a marathon, with service to those in need.  This journey began with the intention to help those in need, specifically children.  Why wouldn’t it end serving those who were so deeply impacted by Hurricane Sandy?

Here is a short recap of the weekend of the marathon that never was.

IMG_6128Friday’s packet pickup – pre marathon cancellation news


IMG_6141I met Josh Cox, the American record holder in the 50k.

IMG_6137I also met Bart Yasso, just google him because he is just awesome.


IMG_6158Just a few of my fellow TWV runners ranging from NY to Australia!!

We found out the news of the NYC Marathon’s cancellation just thirty minutes before the Team World Vision team dinner.  Though we were disappointed we were not going to be able to run come Sunday, we still celebrated the reason we had all come in the first place: the lives that were being changed!  All the way across the world, children were being provided with hope and a future and THAT is worth celebrating!

The days to follow (Saturday & Sunday) became days of work.  Many of us TWV runners gathered to help assemble emergency food kits as well as help distribute them and other aid to those in need.  The weekend was filled with stories of runners gathering in places hard hit by Sandy, lending a helping hand.





One of my Australian teammates who is celebrating her 70th birthday this year by running 7 half marathons and 3 full marathons.  I was left a bit speechless because she is rather amazing!  Her story is a powerful one; I’ll just mention she was running in the days when women were thought to not be able to even complete a marathon.

IMG_6190All runners should eat donuts race weekend cause we’ve burned it already!

IMG_6216Just a quick interview with channel 7 news.  I actually never saw it but I know a few who did.

I just want to say an extra special thank you to those of you who reached out to me the weekend of the marathon that never was with encouraging words.  Whether in a text, call, conversation or FB message, you took the time to encourage and remind me that the hard work was worth it regardless.  I am truly grateful, more than you know.  I read your messages more than once that weekend and am humbled by all your kindness.

And because being an “almost marathoner” just wasn’t going to cut it, six weeks after the marathon that never was and exactly one week from today, I will finally be taking on my first ever marathon!  That’s right, in 6 days I will be rising before the sun, dawning my race day attire and heading out into the streets of Dallas, Texas to take on the formidable 26.2 miles!

I’m once again nervous and excited.  These past few weeks of training have been so very difficult for such different reasons.  It’s been hard to rewire the brain for another 5 weeks of training.  The weekend following the marathon that never was I took on another 20 mile run.  That’s right, I rocked two 20 mile runs in training for my first marathon.  I’m awesome, I said it.  Of course, I haven’t quite felt the same since.  My body, my sleep and my food have all been off.  That is not very awesome.  But here I am, ready to begin once again the week of race day!  Thankfully, the weather does not call for any tornado’s!


Once again, you can support me as I take on my very first marathon…again.  This time the Dallas Marathon.

Would you consider sponsoring a child through Team World Vision?

6 days till the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon

8 thoughts on “the marathon that never was

  1. Awesome Rachel. You’re gonna rock Dallas next week and it will change you forever. You’ll be one of a small percentage of the population to have run a marathon ! I’m so excited for you.
    Stopping is not an option.
    Can’t wait to read about it.

    1. Thanks so much Tim!! I will remember that, “stopping is not an option” come race day! I’m ready to join the small percentage! =)

  2. Woohoo go you! It’s going to be splendid! I can’t believe Christine and Marie (two girls next to you) are in your photo! I worked with them for YEARS at a restaurant! Love seeing long lost friends coming together for TWV!

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