a marathon after a hurricane

I am posting from my phone so forgive any mistakes that may be. Also, once power has returned I will get to the winner of Lopez Lomong’s book ‘Running for my Life.’

My heart is torn between two places. The devastation that is surrounding us after Frankenstorm is truly heart wrenching. I am grateful that all I am missing is power; however there are countless numbers that have lost their homes, belongings, communities and loved ones. I am conflicted as Mayor Bloomberg & New York Road Runners announces that the NYC marathon will continue this Sunday.

However, in a blog written by a fellow runner, she stated that we have to trust that the leaders of New York City will not go ahead with this marathon if it would cause more strain on the city. When you think of what the marathon does economically alone for the city (not taking into account morale), at a time like now, the city needs the financial boost.

However, I had to sit down today to think upon why I am running. For I know in the days to come there will be critics for and against this marathon. So to know with full confidence why I run in my heart is of utmost importance.

When I think back upon when I first decided to run, I remember reasons like taking on the challenge, getting fit and loosing weight; all of which are good reasons. But non would motivate me to the full 26.2 miles. You see, the lining underneath it all, the reason I keep pushing past each step, is because I care.

Team World Vision’s motto is “I care and so I run”. I was reminded today how fitting that motto is. I have come to believe it in my core. You see, I do care. Deeply. I care for my family, I care for my children, I care for you, I care for the mothers who cannot feed their children three meals a day, I care for the children that die daily because they do not have safe drinking water, I care for the communities that are overrun with Aids/HIV, I care for the children who are forced into sex slavery, I care for my neighbors who have lost so much during this hurricane,
I care for my church who lost their building due to irreparable flooding.

I care. And so I run.

It hasn’t changed. I know come Sunday, when I depart from New Jersey, as I run through Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx, as I think upon my home of Long Island, my heart will witness the damage that has been done. My heart will pray and lift up those who have been so greatly affected by this hurricane, whose devastation seems so overwhelming. My heart will also lift up those who daily live devastation. Who daily say goodbye to their children too soon, who say goodbye to their parents at just 3 years old because Aids has taken them.

Some have called Sunday a party. Little do they know what running a marathon truly is. It is not a party but a determination to persevere when faced with mountainous physical pain & anguish. I do not pretend to know what children, mothers, fathers and siblings are going through as they battle hunger, starvation, kidnapping, death, slavery and more. I also do not pretend I know what it is like to loose everything you have to a hurricane. I can only assume it takes determination to persevere when faced with mountainous pain, troubles and anguish.

This Sunday I will be joining thousands of runners who will humbly pay homage to the great city of New York for opening its arms to us even in its time of need. I am thankful for my home. As well, I will be praying for my neighbors, near by in NY, Long Island & NJ as well as my neighbors far away, in the little villages o Africa.

I care. And so I run.

You may support my efforts in running by SPONSORING A CHILD through Team World Vision.

You may also support my efforts in running, as well as those effected by the hurricane, by donating towards World Vision’s relief efforts.

If you live locally, get plugged in and lend a helping hand. For a list of places to start volunteering at, go HERE.

2 days till the ING NYC Marathon

5 thoughts on “a marathon after a hurricane

  1. Rachel, incredible post. You are in our prayers this weekend. You have worked hard for this, and you will finish. We’re so proud of you!

  2. My 17 year old son just ran the Chicago Marathon so I know how much you’ve trained for this day. I was touched and impressesed with your words. Good luck and God bless you. (Especially good job done from your phone!!!)

  3. You and your fellow runners will be in my prayers this Sunday in addition to my prayers for the storm ravaged area. I say Thank you for all the families who cannot thank you themselves.

  4. I read this after hearing the updated news on the race, and I am sure it’s a flurry of emotions! I know you worked so hard, and I hope they reschedule so your efforts will not go to waste. Even though the race changed, your heart has not, and that is what matters. I don’t know how it works with Team World Vision being affected, but my heart goes out to all! Glad you guys are safe! xoxo

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