be a hero

The huzband made a suggestion yesterday of a sort of slogan to use when asking people to support me in my first marathon with Team World Vision by sponsoring a child.  We got a pretty good laugh out of it.  You can let me know what you think of his idea (which he got from his supervisor):

BE A HERO, NOT A ZERO.  Sponsor a child today!

World Vision recently produced a video that shared how World Vision and their child sponsorship works.  The steps they take when working within a community to bring it to a healthy, self-sustaining state.  I thought it was such a strong video explaining all the inside workings of child sponsorship.  Take 2 minutes and give it a watch.  If you’ve ever even pondered about child sponsorship, how it helps the child, their community or what truly happens with your money, the 2 minutes it takes to watch the video will be well worth your time!

Consider sponsoring a child today and help build a better world for children: sponsor a child.


5 weeks (34 days) till the ING NYC Marathon

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