a long run

My brain is so very tired.  There is so much I would want to share about the 18 miles that were run today.  How it’s only because I have stuck so diligently to the training that I was able to go out there today.  How having the huzband with me throughout was such an encouragement that kept me going.  How thankful I am for the time spent with God on my runs; it is in these moments that I feel my heart being drawn closer to His, being molded and softened to the things and people He loves.  How the last mile and a half were excruciating and how every pain that had come and gone the past 15 miles all came back in unison.  How supportive it is to receive a text mid run (about mile 13) from a friend urging me on.  And especially how thankful I am for my little family that stuck it out for the 3 hours and 50 minutes it took me to complete my run.

someone was a little excited to go this morning

V got her shirt all on her own w/out any prompting from her parents; so proud of my girl

as close as we can get to a family shot

there is nothing quite as beautiful as just being done

On the way home after my 18 miler, we stopped at the library to return some movies and get a few others.  As we were leaving, we walked through the rows upon rows of books.  The huzband mentioned how blessed we are to have so many library’s available to us.  It got us thinking about our girls in Kenya and Rwanda.  It got us thinking about children in these communities we are trying to help.  It made me wonder, do they even know what a library is?

Over that past weeks and months, it’s these moments that have been growing.  Moments of appreciating, some simple, some complex, aspects of life.  Moments that humble at how truly fortunate and privileged I am.  Moments that continue to teach me what true need is.  These moments are coming because of this journey I am on.  It is no coincidence.  It is no accident.  The Team World Vision motto is “I care and so I run“.  That is why I signed up for this crazy idea of a marathon.  However, it is through the running that my heart, my soul is being squeezed, stretched and pulled to care deeper.  I don’t understand it all but I understand that I am being changed.  I am being changed from the inside out.

Sponsoring a child is so powerful, but you only know how powerful it is if you engage in it.  I am so deep into my challenge, perhaps it is time for you to take on a challenge?  A challenge that has the potential to change you from the inside out!

You can find out more about sponsoring a child by visiting here.


A fellow runner has a countdown on her blog to the NYC Marathon.  I love it and want to include one on my blog.  So for the record:

5 weeks (35 days) till the ING NYC Marathon

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