the history of Rachel

In less than two weeks my grandmother (whom my daughter is named after) will turn 90 years old.  It’s a pretty big deal around here.  In preparation I spent the majority of the day scanning old pictures of her in her younger years.  How I love looking at history in the form of a photograph!  It is amazing that we have photographs from the 1800’s; some great great great relatives in there.

I spent part of the afternoon asking my Grandma about different family members.  In the process I found out a little tidbit about my great-grandmother, known as Grandma Rae.  (my father’s mother’s mom)  I was named after Grandma Rae (Rae short for Rachel).

As we were looking over photos, I realized that Grandma Rae was probably named after her Grandmother.  I noticed that Grandma Rae’s dad’s mom’s name was also Rachel.  (Did you get that?)  It’s not a definite for sure because Grandma Rae is not around to ask anymore but I highly doubt it is a coincidence.  It made me wonder how far back the name Rachel goes in our family.  I thought that was pretty neat.

Grandma Rae is the little girl in the picture; my great Grandmother whom I am named after.

Grandma Rae with her brothers

One more tidbit of information that I found endearing as I have the same case: my great Grandmother had a brother named Basil.  When she fell in love and married, her husband’s name was also Basil.  In case you don’t know, I have a brother named Juan and my husband’s name is, you guessed it, Juan.  I mean really, what is the likely hood of that?!  Though Grandma Rae isn’t around anymore to appreciate our similarities, it still brings warmth to my heart when I think of the bond between a woman and the great-granddaughter that is named after her.  I hope and pray that my daughter continues to deepen the bond with her great-grandmother and as she becomes a young woman, delights in the intricacies of their beautiful relationship and how special it really is!!

my great Grandmother and her husband on their wedding day

6 thoughts on “the history of Rachel

  1. Hey Rachel… how I love.reading about family history and looking at old pictures…. you are truly blessed! What beautiful pictures! Amazing how you were named after you great grandma… thanks for sharing this post! Xoxoxoxo…ps when is grandma Velda bday?

  2. I am so glad we get to be there to celebrate Grandma’s special day! And how neat that we are both carrying on the family names in your Little V and my Leah Rae! 🙂

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